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The Brand New b2 Notifier is here!!!

How to use b2 notifier with facebook

Did you know that you can use b2 notifier ( http://notifier.b2labs.com ) to get notifications about your facebook events? The setup process is very simple. read more here:


b2 Notifier Mac OS X critical bugfix released v1.0.5 beta

v 1.0.5 beta of b2 Notifier Animated Desktop Notifier is here! It contains a critical fix for Mac OS X. The bug - fixed by this version - have prevented the application from running on many machines with Mac OS X ... I apologize for the problem, and hope that you'll give the application another shot Wink You can download/install the new version from here:


b2 gmail notifier NEW VERSION "b2 notifier v1.0.0.beta" is here :)

The new version of [b2] Gmail Notifier is finally here Smile It's called b2 Notifier ... It has finally graduated from the "labs" and has many new features. You can download it from


Halloween gmail notifier animations :)

I added few ( 2 to be precise ) Halloween animations to the notifier collection, check them out Smile


Enjoy Smile

Happy Halloween!

v0.23 public alpha has been released :)

Hey, b2 Gmail Notifier Fans Smile Just kidding... Thanks for the massive feedback! As a result of Your - very, very appreciated - work here is a newer bug fixed, and enhanced version of the software that contains:

* fix for the ugly MAC OS animation installation bug
* login information has been moved under option, this is more convenient + Linux users can at least save their passwords
* you can assign custom sound to animations Smile yeah!
* Google Apps users can define their inbox URL

I hope that You will enjoy using the software as much as I'm enjoying working on it Smile

A new version (v0.22 public alpha) of [b2] Gmail Notifier has been released!

A new version (v0.22 public alpha) of [b2] Gmail Notifier has been released! You can download it from http://b2labs.com , but the software will automatically offer the update option for you. This version contains a critical bug-fix - the huge memory appetite has been hopefully reduced Wink please keep in mind that the application is still in ALPHA development state, so if you notice anything else, please don't hesitate to tell me - you can report a bug or suggest a feature easily any time using the app's "Report a bug..." menu item.

1st public alpha of [b²] Gmail Notifier has been released

My first public application - [b²] Gmail Notifier - has been released. True, It's only an alpha version, but I think you will like it. You can download it here and you can get more animations here.
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