v0.23 public alpha has been released :)

The Brand New b2 Notifier is here!!!

Hey, b2 Gmail Notifier Fans Smile Just kidding... Thanks for the massive feedback! As a result of Your - very, very appreciated - work here is a newer bug fixed, and enhanced version of the software that contains:

* fix for the ugly MAC OS animation installation bug
* login information has been moved under option, this is more convenient + Linux users can at least save their passwords
* you can assign custom sound to animations Smile yeah!
* Google Apps users can define their inbox URL

I hope that You will enjoy using the software as much as I'm enjoying working on it Smile

Thanks, You're the best, and keep the feedback coming! Laughing out loud

P.s.: If you are familiar with Adobe Flash, you can create your own animations, and you can share it with b2Labs.com visitors as well. Here is the HowTo doc: http://home.b2labs.com/node/14